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07 March 2012

French Safety Cameras

French Safety Cameras: New Legislation for 2012

Travelling in France? IMPORTANT: Please be aware of a change in French law effective from 3 January 2012 regarding the use of speed and safety camera locations.

Questions and Answers

Q1: On the web I read that there’s a new law regarding the use of safety camera warnings in France. What’s it all about?

A1: On 3 January 2012 the French government issued a new law that effectively bans all systems that are able to provide warnings of safety cameras (aka speed cameras). This law includes all sat nav based systems. With immediate effect it has become illegal for anyone travelling in France to have any speed camera warnings on any device across the entire territory of France. UK customers who are travelling in France should disable their French safety camera database before arriving on French territory. Instructions are provided below:
  • Turn the device on
  • Touch Tools
  • Touch Settings
  • Touch Proximity Points
  • Touch Proximity Alerts
  • Remove the tick from Garmin Safety Cameras
  • Touch Save
Go back to the Main Menu and your device will be ready for use in France in adherence with the new legal restrictions. If you perform a master re-set on your device you will need to follow the abovementioned steps again.

Q2: I have heard that it is now illegal to use safety camera warnings when travelling in France. Will I get fined if I travel there using my device?

A2: Anyone driving in France who is stopped by the police and caught using a device with safety camera warnings could face a fine of €1500, irrespective of their country of origin. The advice for all non-French customers is to disable safety camera warnings before driving within France. See Answer 1.

Q3: Will this change affect my safety camera warnings in the UK?

A3: Unless you have previously disabled Garmin Safety Cameras from your device settings, your device will continue to function as normal when travelling in the UK or any other European country. The change will only affect France. However, if you have disabled Garmin Safety Cameras when travelling in France, you will need to follow these steps to re-activate your warnings once outside French territory:
  • Turn the device on
  • Touch Tools
  • Touch Settings
  • Touch Proximity Points
  • Touch Proximity Alerts
  • Replace the tick in Garmin Safety Cameras
  • Touch Save
Go back to the Main Menu and your safety camera alerts are re-activated and ready for use.

Q4: Are there any other countries with the same or similar law?

A4: No other country from those currently included in the Garmin Safety
Camera database has any plans to issue a similar law to the French one in the foreseeable future.

Q5: Who is responsible if I get fined while using the safety camera subscription for France on my device?

A5: The rider of the motorcycle is ultimately responsible for using their device, including features such as safety camera warnings. When riding in France you should make sure you disable the Garmin Safety Camera alerts as in Answer

1. BMW and Garmin accept no responsibility for the consequences of noncompliance.

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