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26 January 2015

Vines Group Charities

Vines Limited has franchise BMW, MINI and Motorrad Centres based in Gatwick, Guildford and Redhill. Vines management requested staff, family, customers and friends to nominate local charities for consideration when choosing their Centres’ charities of focus for 2015.

Vines of Redhill BMW and MINI are delighted to announce that for a second year running their support will aid “Us In A Bus”. Us In A Bus is a registered charity working with people who are often isolated and can find communicating with the world (and the people in it) a challenge. Their clients are people with profound learning disabilities and complex needs, they often also have sensory and physical disabilities that make life difficult. To find out how they work with their clients and what work they do in the local community please visit Vines of Redhill’s aim is to help Us In A Bus towards wish list items, which they are unable to currently fund and by doing so assist them to either upgrade their equipment or enhance their offering to their clients; this will be done through various charity initiatives and raffles throughout the year.

Vines of Guildford BMW, MINI and Motorrad are proud to support two young boys towards their dreams of walking for the very first time:

Louie is a cheeky chappy with a wicked sense of humour. Louie was born 8 weeks prematurely on the 26th July 2012 and spent his first 3 weeks of his life in SCBU (Special Care Baby Unit). Over the next few months and after many doctor appointments, little Louie at the tender age of 18 months old was confirmed to have Cerebral Palsy. Sadly there is no cure for Cerebral Palsy but there is hope. The goal is to raise £80,000 to enable his parents to take Louie to America to undergo surgery called SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy). This will permanently reduce the stiffness in his legs, enabling him to walk independently. SDR is not a cure by any means, but is a huge step on the road towards independence. To find out more about Louie’s story visit his Just Giving page Vines of Guildford look to raise awareness for Louie’s operation through branding and other charity initiatives such as encouraging family, staff and customers to participate in their Spinathon at David Lloyd Woking on 31st January.

Little Asher was born 10 week early with 3 holes in his heart. He had multiple operations to correct this and bravely fought back to good health. However at 8 months old Asher was diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. Spastic cerebral palsy is where the muscles are stiff and rigid in one or more limbs in Ashers case quadriplegic means that all four limbs are affected. Now at 2 years old Asher is a happy, smiley young boy who loves to engage with everyone around him however he is unable to sit up, roll over, stand, walk or feed himself properly. Asher would benefit greatly from some intense physio sessions to try and bring on his development. There are also many pieces of equipment that would help Asher to develop further and allow him to enjoy life to the full. Their current aim is to raise enough money for Asher to have a weeks intensive Physio at the Bobath Centre it is a crucial time in Ashers development and so this would be a huge boost for him. To find out more about Asher visit his Just Giving Page Through planned charity activities such as a charity golf day and donation requests at an upcoming customer and staff events, Vines of Guildford aims to help contribute towards Asher’s fundraising initiative for his treatment.

Vines of Gatwick BMW and MINI are happy to continue their support to Golden Lion Children’s Trust. A charity dedicated to providing hope, help and happiness to children with special needs and disadvantaged young people. The Trust maintains its links with Gatwick Airport, where the roots of the Trust began, but can reach out to a much wider field thanks to the many supporters and volunteers we have. The charity has remained independent of any other charitable institutions and is completely self-financing. The Golden Lion Children’s Trust also remains independent of any regular corporate sponsorship although the generosity and support of companies large and small mainly from around Gatwick Airport and from the South of England remain the major source of their funding. The Golden Lion Children’s Trust differs from many other charities in so much as they never make donations of money to specific individuals or organisations. Their “donations” consist of the provision of services, goods and more usually activities for the children. To look at all the good work done by Golden Lion Children’s Trust, have a look at their website . With Vines of Gatwick continued focus on raising funds for the charity through golf day silent auctions, activity funding and other projects they look to help towards as many initiatives as possible for the year to come.

Vines Group looks to make a difference to these charities over the course of the year and encourage the local community to support these initiatives if you are in a position to do so. Any contribution big or small, through time or money, we know that support no matter what shape or form will help these charities towards their goals.

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