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21 March 2012

G 650 GS Sertão

At our recent Azcari Bagshot event, we launched the new G 650 GS Sertão to our customers. Grant from Great Escape Adventure Motorcycle Club had a test ride and gave us his thoughts -

"Well where to start. The name Sertão refers to the vast hinterlands (backcountry) Portuguese explorers found in Asia, so this suggests that this incarnation of the GS650 is more biased towards rougher roads. In fact that’s exactly where I got to first ride the Sertão on some army land at Bagshot heath and it was WET!

I had arranged the test ride on the GS at the MCN show in London with David Hodgson, one of the Vines of Guildford Sales Team; he suggested this venue as I did not want to ride the bike on the road but off it. It’s fair to say that the wet conditions and the newness of the bike made Dave nervous, but I promised to take it easy and not drop it (fingers crossed).

To my eyes the Sertão is a good looking bike it seems to flow from wheel to wheel and looks comfortable, other trial bikes tend to have razor sharp seats. In fact it is comfortable and well made, a BMW and like all BMWs has lots of technology. Such as ABS (can be turned off), heated grips, fuel injection, LCD screen and an alarm.

Riding the bike was rewarding with surprisingly smooth power delivery, controllable power slides are possible and despite the pouring rain and later snow the GS was well behaved. The route we took encompassed steep hills gravel roads and off cambers. Dave was impressed with my pace on the GS, considering that it was new to me, but this shows how easy the bike is to ride off road.

As I would want to go long distance trail riding with a lot of gear, I would replace the rear wheel for an 18” rim to give a greater choice of tyres for the rough stuff. The fuel consumption is very good, but a bigger tank would be a popular modification as would a rack system.

To finish, the G 650 GS Sertão is a good contender for the rider who wants road and dirt capability, and an adventure on unpaved roads, it also very comfortable. Thanks to Dave Hodgson at Vines for the ride.

Grant Beaden

(Great Escape Adventure Motorcycle Club)

P.S. Did I mention it was very wet?"

Thanks Gary, we are glad you braved the weather and took our new model for a spin. For more information on the new G 650 GS Sertão, click here 


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